Of Iron and Thorns

The OF IRON AND THORNS RPG Setting is a very, very black and gloomy place. It is a setting directly inspired by local history, where characters and places from the history of Emilia and Romagna (but basically from all the known world) live together in a uchronic dystopia. A place of saints and plagues, of Christian relics and possessions, of spirits that haunt crops and oils that cure blindness, where God is the protector of the just, but where heresy creeps into the courts of the Holy Roman Empire. A place of necromancers and astrologers, of lazarettos and dark nights where children conceived in sabbatical orgies crawl. A land of struggles between Guelph and Ghibelline families, of mercenary companies and small communities that cling to the crucifix to chase away the winter cold in a land of mud, rocks, and fear.

I don’t know yet when I will be able to publish something but when the time comes, links will be available on the page. If anyone has any questions, I’ll try to answer them there.

More on the official webpage of the setting: https://www.ofironandthorns.com

🖋 The first booklet “Basic setting and Modena”, including the areas of Modena, Frignano, Mirandola, Carpi, and hints about Garfagnana is in progress.